Roselle Andrea

Roselle Andrea, Inc.

Children's Lifestyle Stylist - Birth, Interiors & Wardrobe

The Company

Roselle Andrea (the "Company") is a children's lifestyle stylist. The Company was founded by Roselle Hope, expert Childhoods stylist, in 2005 to offer expectant parents assistance with designing their baby's nursery. With Roselle's guidance, the Company has grown to one that provides a complete suite of childhood planning solutions for working parents.

The Company's mission is to become Americas number one childhood brand. To fulfill its mission, the Company provides clients with a comprehensive suite of services which includes baby preparations, childhood interiors design,infant wardrobe styling, and children event planning, among others.

Positioned as an aspirational brand in its market, The Company will appeal to people who want to pursue their careers and surround their children with childhood bliss. This is demonstrated in our brand values: Ambition, Family Values and a sense of Destiny, all of which is intended to inspire individuals to choose career and family.

The Company is currently seeking collaborations with global children's brands to import and distribute nursery furniture, newborn and junior ready-to-wear clothing and accessories and baby toiletries to implement its core business concept into its market.

The Roselle Andrea brand is unique because we enable parents a chance to create beautiful childhood experiences for their children while pursing their own personal achievements. The strength of our brand is in its services, which help make parents a success in both their career and in their family endeavors.

With a talented artistic team, modern and luxurious children's products and its bespoke service offerings, the company is able to decorate and style impeccable childhood lifestyles.

The Company is located in New York City and services clients nationally.